Body Oil No. 3: Classic


Our darkest body oil BY FAR. If you love charred wood, patchouli, and tobacco, No. 3: Classic is the one for you. It's rich, sharp, and masculine but in the most soft and creamy way. Perfect unisex scent! 

Directions: Before use, roll between hands to combine. Warming the oils and blending them together will allow alonger scent linger. Roll onto wrist,behind ears, or along base of neck.

Ingredients: coconut oil (fractionated), essential oil blends, fragrance oil blends

Benefits Of Coconut Oil:
- Ideal for dry or troubled skin
- Coconut oil melts into the skin as soon as you apply it, without leaving any kind of residues.
- It easily seeps into the skin's pores, without clogging, moisturizing deeply and thoroughly.
- Even a thin layer of coconut oil prevents moisture loss through evaporation from the skin surface.

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