Her - Sunday Morning Tradition (HerSMT)


With a hypnotic blend of tropical fruits, honeysuckle, vanilla, and musk, “Her Sunday Morning Tradition” instantly evokes mystery and beauty. A downtown take on a classic, lighting this candle will add the perfect feminine counterpoint to any room.

Lorena Wood is a woman of dreams. From the beginning, all she wanted was to get out of the tiny town and move on to bigger and better things in San Francisco. Despite living in a small “cowboy-town”, she found time every morning to get get all dolled up for Gus. She’d fix her hair, throw on one of her dresses, and give herself a spray of perfume. We can only imagine she smelled just like “Her Sunday Morning Tradition”.

The production is kept small — candles are poured in batches of 6-8 in Austin, TX. Each candle, from placing the all-natural wick, to wax melting and pouring, to wick-cutting and labeling, is constructed by hand with the highest standards in mind. Under optimal conditions, our 9 oz candles will burn for 50+ hours and our 16oz will burn for 90+ hours.

Benefits of Soy Wax:
Eco-friendly, renewable, and sustainable
Helps support the American farmer
Cleans up easier using soap and hot water
Longer burn time

Burning Instructions:
To ensure safe and even burning, allow the wax to puddle entire length of jar before blowing out and limit the amount of burn time to no more than 3 hours per burn. Trim wicks to ⅛" to ¼" prior to each burn.

After the Burn:
To continue our sustainability efforts, jars can easily be cleaned out and reused. Pour your favorite whiskey on the rocks or throw some canning lids on to preserve your favorite vegetables.

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