Reclaimed Tub Caddy


Reclaimed planks and vintage hardwares from Austin, Texas have found their way into our bathroom once again. Our reclaimed tub caddies are the perfect addition to any washroom.  

While we are not liable for the pruning of fingers and toes, we will take responsibility for all the cozy nights in your tub with your new bathtub caddy. It'll hold your favorite book, candle, and the inevitable glass of wine or whiskey. After all, isn't that what living your best life is all about?

Each caddy will continue to transform into unique pieces during use. They all vary in grain and indications of wood's prior use. Hardware will vary from order to order making this caddy uniquely yours in every way. 

 - Minimally packaged with tag and jute

- All "Reclaimed Wood" products are one-of-a-kind and non-returnable. 

The following must be in emailed to when purchasing a custom caddy. We suggest emailing us these answers PRIOR to purchase.

1. Measure the outside of the tub from side to side. How many inches is it?
2. Measure the inside of the tub from side to side. How many inches is it?
3. Is your tub close to a wall? If so, what is the measurement from the wall to the inside edge of the tub? If your tub is attached to the wall, or goes all the way to the wall, measure from the wall to the inside of the tub.
4. If there is a wall, is it at your left or right when you sit in your tub?
**FREE SHIPPING does not apply on reclaimed items.** 

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